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But while most people will be happy to see Kardashian's love life taking a turn for the better after her failed marriage to Lamar Odom and subsequently unsuccessful relationship with French Montana, rapper Trina is not one of those people!

PHOTOS: Celebrity feuds Taking to Twitter on Sunday, July 5, Trina had one message for the Kardashian sister: "Sloppy seconds...." followed by a throw up emoji!

The following day, on 5 July, eyewitnesses reportedly spotted the pair enjoying a pool party held at Wynn hotel's Encore Beach Club.

Social media has run wild with dating rumours since the photos emerged and it appears as though the NBA player's ex-girlfriend, rapper Trina, weighed in on the speculation, tweeting: A source also claims that Trina, who once dated Kardashian's ex-boyfriend French Montana, finds it "funny" that the reality star has been linked to another one of her exes.

Trina said that often times the guys that date her, can’t deal with the reality of her.

Trina said cheating ended her relationship with Kenyon Martin.

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"Trina thinks it is funny that Khloe was hanging out with James Harden, another of her exes," a source told Us Weekly about the feud brewing between Kardashian and Trina.

"Remember French Montana was also with Trina before Khloe.

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