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My preference for the online dating pool may be because my social circles don’t bring me into contact with an abundance of single gay men, or because it’s interesting to meet people who are outside my everyday experience. The debut of website that promotes mindful dating—is exciting.I wonder, though, if what we are being mindful about will be open to wide interpretation.Hinge came up with over 100 prewritten lines that ranged in tone from quirky ("best discovery: Netflix or avocado? (this one improved your response likelihood by 31%)2. As with other types of misconduct, student organizations may be held responsible for misconduct under this policy if the conditions for collective responsibility under the College's Group Accountability Statement are present.

Breakfast preference: pancakes, waffles, or sleeping til lunch?

Please Note: This policy does not govern complaints of sexual assault.

Procedures for the investigation and resolution of complaints against students for sexual assault and retaliation for reporting or participating in investigations of sexual assault are addressed in the Unified Disciplinary Procedures for Sexual Assault by Students and Student Organizations.

These two paragraphs describe everything that could ever need to be known about me. Well, no, of course they don’t; but my spiel does do a pretty good job of saying what I look like and what I am looking for. While exploring who you are and capturing it in such a condensed form can be daunting, there are two things you can easily avoid to make your profile more attractive.

You have three tools at your disposal to catch the eye of Mr. First we have the guy who lists everything you must do to meet his standards. I list what makes me happy—neither as judgment nor ultimatum—as simple, joyous affirmation.

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